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Family Law


If you are looking for a passionate, aggressive Denver divorce attorney to help you through one of life's most difficult challenges, call The Law Office of Warren J. Domangue for a free consultation at (720) 495-7315. 



I offer low, capped rates for uncontested divorce cases which include the preparation of documents, appearance at the initial status conference, appearance at the temporary and permanent orders hearings (if any).  


In Colorado, divorce cases require at least 91 days before a court can enter a final decree, however, they often do not require any Court appearances if no issues are disputed.  



On the other hand, if you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on one or more issues and need a Denver divorce attorney, I can help you with your contested divorce case.  You will need aggressive legal assistance to protect your rights concerning marital property, allocation of marital debt and assets (including pensions), child support, custody (now called "parenting time" in Colorado) and alimony (called "maintenance" in Colorado). Contested divorce cases can take as long as six months, and sometimes even longer, based upon your situation.  Fees for contested cases are sometimes capped at a specific level to insure you do not have ever-growng fees. Payment plans are available and capped rates are offered for most modifications or contempt issues.



Child Support


Restriction of Parenting Time


For a free telephone consultation, please call The Law Office of Warren J. Domangue at (720) 495-7315.

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