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"You've had a trial. You waited anxiously for the decision. Now that it's come, you are disappointed and perplexed that the ruling could go against you. What should you do? 

An appeal to a higher court is your only realistic option at this point. You will have to ask a higher court to review and analyze the lower court ruling and point out the mistakes it made when it made its decision. They may have misapplied law, wrongly found facts where none existed or both.  Whether the decision of the trial court was concerning custody of your children, a crime for which you were charged and now stand convicted, or a restraining order, you have a limited time to appeal any final order of a court.


A Colorado appeals attorney can assist in preparing that appeal. There are many procedural challenges that must be met if you are to succeed at your appeal.  You should use the services of an experienced appeals lawyer in Colorado who can not only maneuver through procedures, but can also write an effective brief that incorporates legal authorities supporting your position and present an effective and persuasive oral argument.

If you need an appeals attorney in Colorado, call the Law Office of Warren J. Domangue for a FREE CONSULTATION at 720-495-7315.

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