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Stop garnishments, end harassing collection calls, eliminate debt, save your home from foreclosure and start a new credit history. 

If you need a Denver chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, call the Law Office of Warren J. Domangue, 720-495-7315.

There are several steps to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process:

1. Credit Counseling Course. 
You must first complete a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course. It usually takes less than an hour to complete. For a low-cost ($5) online course, click here.

2.  It is helpful to obtain credit report information so a list of creditors can be prepared.  For 3 free credit reports, click here.

3.  Your case is then filed with the Court and creditors are notified by the Court.

4.  The Court then appoints a Trustee to examine your Petition and paperwork.

5.  The Court sets a date for a creditors' meeting, of which creditors are notified by the Court.

6. The creditors' meeting takes place with you, your attorney, the Trustee and the creditors present.  The Trustee and creditors are entitled to ask you questions about the content of your Petition and paperwork.

7. The Trustee may use non-exempt property to pay off creditor debts or you may be entitled to keep the property if you are able to pay the fair market value for it.

8.  Financial Management Course. You must complete a post-bankruptcy course online.  Like the credit counseling course, it usually takes less than an hour to complete. For a low cost online post-bankruptcy course, click here.

9. The Court will grant a discharge approximately 90 days after filing the Petition provided all documentation is received.

I am a Denver chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney and I charge a one-time fee of $550.00 for individuals and $800.00 for joint Chapter 7 bankruptcies.  Payment plans are also available.  Call me for a free consultation at 720-495-7315.

When you meet me for the initial consultation, there are items that you must bring with you to maximize our time together.   Please download the file below for a list of those items.


The Law Office of Warren J. Domangue is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.




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